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At Jandali Plastic Surgery in Trumbull, Connecticut, we believe in empowering our patients through transformations that enhance their bodies and elevate their self-esteem. Our range of body-enhancing surgical techniques is meticulously designed to meet individual patients’ desires, from subtle modifications to significant alterations, all performed with an unwavering commitment to safety and quality.

With DIEP flaps being the most commonly performed flaps for breast reconstruction, our team has developed multiple ways to enhance the cosmetic outcome. We now perform B.E.S.T. DIEP flaps on almost all of our patients. 

An In-Depth Look at Body-Enhancing Surgical Techniques

B.E.S.T. = Body Enhancing Surgical Technique

With all of the techniques discussed below, we optimize the reconstructed breasts’ final result and obtain the best abdominal contour after the DIEP flaps are harvested. 

What is included in B.E.S.T. DIEP flaps?

Breast Enhancing Techniques:

  • Breast lift with the DIEP flap. Many times, this part of the procedure is performed at the time of the mastectomies when tissue expanders are placed. Free nipple grafts are used when necessary to lift the breasts. The tissue expanders pre-form perfect pockets for the DIEP flaps to later be placed into. We mark all of our scars in a breast lift pattern, which is much more cosmetically pleasing. We avoid the classic long mastectomy scars across the breast whenever possible. Please visit our gallery to see multiple examples of breast lifts performed with DIEP flaps.
  • Symmetrizing procedures on the breasts. We perform all necessary procedures to obtain better symmetry between the breasts. This may include further breast lifting, liposuction of areas that are too full, and fat grafting to slightly hollow areas.
  • Scar optimization. Scars are placed in breast lift patterns, mostly hidden around the nipple/areola and along the bottom of the breasts. This gives the best cosmetic outcome. This avoids the classic long scar across the middle of the breast, which can flatten the breast and give a suboptimal shape. Patients don’t want scars across the middle of the breast as it is a permanent stigmata of breast cancer and mastectomy.
  • Fat grafting to the breasts with DIEP flaps. Fat grafting is performed at the second stage of all DIEP flap breast reconstructions. This technique is of utmost importance for better symmetry and the most natural result.
  • Laser hair removal after DIEP flaps. Sometimes some of the skin from the abdomen needs to be left on the breast due to previous radiation therapy, or if the nipple/areola needs to be removed with the mastectomy. In these cases, abdominal hair can sometimes grow on the breast. Our practice offers laser hair removal for treatment of the breasts if this occurs.
  • Scar laser treatment. We offer laser treatment of scars to optimize results. Laser treatment can help soften thickened scars and fade pigmented scars.

Abdominal Enhancing Techniques:

  • Correction of rectus diastasis. Patients often have separation of their abdominal muscles from previous weight gain or pregnancy. We optimize the abdominal contour by repairing the rectus diastasis after harvesting of the DIEP flaps. This gives a much flatter abdominal appearance once healed.
  • Reinforcement of the abdomen with absorbable mesh. After harvesting the DIEP flaps from the abdomen and repairing the rectus diastasis, we reinforce the tightened abdominal wall with an absorbable mesh. This helps prevent a postoperative abdominal bulge or weakening.
  • Liposuction of the abdomen. Liposuction of the abdomen is routinely performed at the second stage revision procedure. This helps contour the sides as well as the front of the abdomen. This helps patients look and feel their best after surgery.

Begin Your Transformation with B.E.S.T. DIEP Flaps in Connecticut

Embrace the transformation that awaits you. If you’re considering breast reconstruction with DIEP flaps, we’re here to offer expertise and tailored guidance. To learn more about our unique B.E.S.T approach and how it can optimize your reconstruction and recovery process, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Our team is ready to guide you through every step of your journey, from understanding the surgical process to managing postoperative recovery. In your consultation, Dr. Jandali will present photos of previous patients who have undergone B.E.S.T. DIEP flap reconstruction, offering a clear vision of the promising transformation ahead.

Begin your journey towards renewal and enhanced self-confidence today. Contact our office and schedule a consultation with us at (203) 374-0310. The path towards your new self is just a phone call away, and we at Jandali Plastic Surgery are dedicated to walking that path with you, every step of the way.

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